Keynote lectures

Long-term survival and prognosis of autotransplanted teeth
Ole Schwartz
Friday - May 20, 2022

Life-Long journey with autotransplantation of teeth
Mitsuhiro Tsukiboshi
Friday - May 20, 2022

Clinical proof of bone formation by autotransplants and out of the box solutions for replacing anterior missing teeth
Rotterdam team: Barendregt, Leunisse, Linsen, Eggink
Friday - May 20, 2022

The current view of autotransplantation; what are the right indications?
Ivo Marek
Friday - May 20, 2022

Protocol for autotransplantation of developing teeth
Ewa Czochrowska and Pawel Plackwicz
Friday - May 20, 2022

Upper missing teeth incisors: space closure looking for excellence in all malocclusions
Marco Rosa
Saturday - May 21, 2022

Autotransplanation of developing premolars to replace missing maxillary central incisors
Ewa Czochrowska
Saturday - May 21, 2022

Endodontic treatment of complicated teeth – where is the limit?
Radek Žižka
Saturday - May 21, 2022

Reshaping of premolars transplanted to the anterior maxilla
Jan Streblov
Saturday - May 21, 2022

Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of endodontic complications after autotransplantation
Edwin Eggink, Dick Barendregt
Saturday - May 21, 2022

How to understand and manage ankylosis after autotransplantation of teeth in growing patients
Lars Andersson
Saturday - May 21, 2022

Examination of the evidence base for Tooth Autotransplantation
Sophie Barber
Saturday - May 21, 2022

Trans-alveolar autotransplantation of ectopic teeth
Pawel Plackwicz
Saturday - May 21, 2022

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