Second announcement can be downloaded here (.pdf)
  • Prof. Jens Ove Andreasen
  • Prof. Lars Andersson
  • Prof. Ole Schwartz
  • Prof. Mitsuhiro Tsukiboshi
  • Dr. Michiel de Cleen
  • Dr. Ewa Czochrowska
  • Dr. Ivo Marek
  • Dr. Marco Rosa
  • Rotterdam team:
    • Dick Barendregt
    • Manfred Leunisse
    • Marcel Linsen
    • Edwin Eggink
  • Dr. Jan Streblov
  • Dr. Paweł Plakwicz
  • Dr. Sophy Barber
  • Dr. Radek Žižka

  • Key aspects of successful tooth transplantation: expert discussion and presentation of their protocols
  • Treatment of complications
  • Surgical uprighting of ectopic teeth (trans-alveolar transplantation)
  • Prognosis of different types of transplanted teeth
  • Alternative treatments for missing teeth
  • Reshaping of premolars transplanted to the anterior maxilla
  • Digital technology to assist toothtransplantation

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